Gorilla Tips to Cut Carbs

Here at GorillaBench we are in a constant state of trying to cut down our carb intake. Carbs are important and we need the proper amount, but to get the protein requirements your body needs (from 1-3 grams per pound of body weight depending on many factors.) This takes effort and the first mistake most people make is while eating more to get in those necessary proteins, they up their carbohydrate intake way to much as a result. So here are some “Gorilla Tips” to keep the carbs down while keeping your nutrient profile in check…

“Breads dead baby, breads dead.”
Tell your waiter no when he offers to bring bread, chips, or some other pre-meal filler to the table. If it isn’t there you can’t eat it, and if it’s there you have to fight the urges. There are 14 grams of carbs (not counting butter) in one small dinner roll and 10 tortilla chips comes with approximately 20 grams of carbs not counting the queso.

“You got buns hun…., now get rid of them by getting rid of them”
Eating your sandwiches or burger open face can save anywhere from 20-30 grams of carbs per meal. If you can go without, you can double this amount. And the better the quality the burger, the bigger the bun which means that many more carbs you can save doing without. Some big buns and hoagie rolls are north of 80 grams of carbs per roll. Another great way to do this is use either lettuce or eggplant as your bread alternative for sandwiches.

“Cutting carbs is child’s play”
Use kid sized snacks to munch on. While many things are better than pretzels, potato chips, etc. and we don’t need them at all, it can be hard to go without. To worsen matters, as adults we somehow outgrew the amount of food in kid snacks, but it’s typically a perfect amount for what it is; a snack. Also, the hundred calorie bags are great for most items so if you can’t go without you can at least limit.

The author is Italian and loves the taste of sauce, “gravy” over anything. But there are ways to use the sauce without the pasta. Try pouring sauce over lean meats such as sirloin, chicken, or turkey. Or over a mixture of vegetables. Also, spaghetti squash makes a great substitute. And if you need to do the pasta, try a whole wheat variety.

“I was bamboozled, hoodwinked even”
Lots of people try to eat low carb by buying items that say well you guessed it “low carb.” The problem is many of these items are pathetically not low carb and within 1 or 2 carbs of the regular variety. Some “low-carb” peanut butters are 1 gram less carbs per serving, (5 instead of 6 grams) and salad dressings are pretty notorious as well. While its better, don’t allow yourself to think low carb means no carb.

“Soda will bloat ya, and juice will fill the caboose”
Sugary drinks whether fruit based or colas contain huge amounts of carbs per serving and give you no nutritional value and worse they do not fill you up. You would be better off eating the 100 calories of apple, than drinking apple juice and the soda is just bad. If it’s a must, find a zero calorie or diet alternative, but water should be king in your drink arsenal.

All of these ways are good to help lessen the carb totals in your ratios. And lastly, remember the more good food you’re eating like chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, etc. The less carbs you have room for. Hope you enjoyed, now head to the gym!

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