Gorilla Bench

Gorilla Bench Membership

Gorilla Bench Training Center is a state-of-the-art fitness facility dedicated to building strong minds, bodies and communities. No matter your schedule, key card access allows members to fit workouts into their busy schedule. GBTC members have access to the best of both worlds; modern functional training and old-fashioned iron. GBTC has upscale locker rooms, turf training area, weightlifting platforms, strongman implements, and competition grade powerlifting equipment. GBTC provides big box gym amenities with the soul of a family run business.

Gorilla Bench Team Training

Team Training

The heart and soul of Gorilla Bench Training Center has always been its team training community. Lead by elite level coaches, our team training programs provides the plan and people you need to better yourself both physically and mentally, no matter your sport. Our customizable programs will lay out rep by rep everything you need to grow stronger no matter if you are beginner or elite in your sport. Our coaching staff will be on site during team training times to offer real time coaching, cueing, and to help you adjust your program to become the strongest version of yourself. With our programs, coaches, specialized equipment, and most importantly the community of lifters already on board, the fast track to your next PR is right in front of you.

Powerlifting team training times:
M, W, F 4:30-7:30pm; Sunday 9am to 12:00pm.

Weight (Olympic) lifting training times:
T, Th 6-8pm; Saturday 11am to 1pm.

Seminars, Workshops & Specialized Coaching

GBTC offers numerous seminars, workshops & opportunities to train with and learn from the best in strength sports. Please check our calendar for upcoming opportunities and events. If you would like to schedule an event or training, please reach out to our team